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Blooming String of Hearts Plant
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String of Hearts Bloom

String of Hearts (4 Inch)

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With delicate heart-shaped leaves, the String of Hearts is a vining, succulent-like houseplant. As an indoor plant, it makes a beautiful statement with marbled silvery-green colors and pale magenta backsides. This houseplant prefers to trail downwards and in the right conditions can produce fuzzy, dark blooms. A fast grower, the String of Hearts can eventually reach 6+ feet indoors! 

Currently vining to 1-2 feet in length

Size: 4” (pot diameter)

Scientific Name: Ceropegia woodii

Common Names: String of Hearts, Chain of Hearts, Sweetheart Vine, Rosary Vine

Origin: Southern Africa

Care: Enjoys a brightly lit spot with little to no direct sun exposure. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. 

Level of Simplicity: Fairly easy to moderate 

Toxicity: Considered non-toxic (to cats, dogs, humans)

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