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handpainted eyes on planter
speckled white and terracotta 4 inch planter
two tone plant pot with white speckles and orange base with painted eyes
boho tabletop planter with purple crystals

Eye See Plant Pot (4.5")

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Mystical with natural touches, this pot is perfect for your 4-inch houseplants. The all-seeing eyes add a fun and unique vibe that is sure to zhuzh-up your indoor plant space. While this planter does not have drainage, we recommend that you simply drop the plant (still in the nursery container) right into the pot. When ready for watering, take just the plant over to the sink to water thoroughly. Utilizing this slip-in method, you can best control moisture levels. 

Size: 4.5" x 4.5"

Material: Ceramic 

Listing is solely for the pot. Plant purchased separately.