Earthly Giveaway

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Hi fellow Earthlings! In celebration of our first birthday and launching on Earth Day, we're doing something big— we're giving away 500 plants (just cover the cost of shipping)! As an eco-friendly company, we wanted to give back to our amazing plant community. If you're down for free plants and love supporting ethical & sustainable efforts, then we're the plant shop for you. Please note the terms below.

-- We are all sold out!!--

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How it works:

 The Release

  • Each week, for the next 5 weeks, we'll be releasing 100 mystery plants up for grabs. Rotating weekly, we'll choose a random date, time, and platform to reveal the next batch of 100 plants. For the best chance to get in on the fun (and score a free plant!), we recommend following us on all social platforms that'll be utilized for this gift away (linked above & below in green text). We also ask that you like, comment, or share this planty fun with your friends. 

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Claiming Your Free Plant

  • You're in the right place! You'll see a button on the bottom of this page that'll link you directly to the 'Free Plant' page. Just check out normally and proceed with payment for shipping. We wanted to give an exclusive, accessible discount for the purposes of this gift away which is how we landed on $9.99 (our standard and average shipping rate is $12.99). 

When You'll Receive Your Plant

  • Your free plant will be shipped in 5-12 weeks. Once the gift away ends, we'll start shipping out plants. We will specifically wait until weather is optimal in your location before shipping (as plants will not fare well in temperatures below 55°F). Also, we're a one woman operation for now, so packaging 500 plants is going to take some time. 
What Kind of Plant You'll Receive
  • A 3-4" (pot diameter) fully rooted, healthy, established indoor plant. It's a mystery giveaway, (so no spoilers), but could include (but not limited to): Peperomia, Snake Plant, ZZ plant, Succulent, Monstera, Pothos, etc.

Some Terms:

  • Giveaway is limited to 100 plants per week. Once they're all claimed for that week, more will not be released until the following week (at a mystery time). The giveaway will run for 5 weeks total. 
  • Limited to one free plant per customer.
  • Every free plant will be at the discretion of the grower & Outside In and based on availability.
  • We cannot accommodate requests for specific plants.
  • Cannot be combined with any other discounts. 
  • Valid only in the continental US.
  • In no way affiliated with any other company. 


A Little About Us & Why We're Doing This:

Outside In is a sustainable, ethical, woman-owned company, and we want to spread joy through plants by helping YOU bring a bit of the outside in. And we're doing so by giving you a free plant, no strings attached, just cover the shipping. We couldn't think of a better time than our birthday to give thanks to the amazing plant lovers and give back with a little piece of greenery to you. Btw- studies have actually demonstrated air-purifying properties of houseplants and merely being in the presence of plants can boost overall wellbeing, so get ready for a green space and serene mind! 

Our Mission:

Here at Outside In, we take our mission & values seriously, and that means delivering you the healthiest houseplant in the most eco-friendly way possible. We use 100% sustainable packaging materials, we're operating net carbon neutral, and we source ethically. Our core values revolve around sustainability, mindfulness, and quality. Head here to check out specifics: Outside In Mission


Please reach out if your have any questions, comments, or concerns!