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Alocasia Bambino Houseplant
Alocasia Bambino Leaves 4 inch
Arrowhead plant in white pot
dark green leaves with pale green veins
Alocasia Bambino Indoor Plant

Alocasia Bambino (4 Inch)

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Alocasia Bambino is a compact elephant ear houseplant that features distinctive dark green leaves with contrasting light creamy borders and veins. Reminiscent of the Alocasia Polly, the Bambino is smaller in both leaf size (narrower) and overall height potential. This indoor plant makes the perfect tabletop addition since it’s petite and visually captivating. 

Common Names: Alocasia Arrow Bambino, Alocasia Bambino Jewel, Amazonian Elephant Ear, Alocasia amazonica Bambino

Appearance: Deep green, glossy, pointy arrowhead-like leaves with wavy-edges and light green to cream colored veining. 

Size: 4" (pot diameter)

Origin: Man-made hybrid; plant lineage descends from Southeast Asia

Care: Keep soil slightly damp throughout but never saturated. For sunlight, a moderate to brightly lit spot is best but avoid any direct sun exposure. 

Enjoys: Warmth & humidity

Level of Simplicity: Medium 

Toxicity: Alocasia genus of plants considered toxic upon ingestion to humans, cats, dogs, etc. 

Extra: Like other Alocasia, this plant can go through a semi-dormant stage during winter and it’s normal for leaves to drop. In addition, corms/bulbs in the surface soil can sprout new plants!

  • Shipped as shown, in nursery growing container.
  • Being that each live plant is completely unique, the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance. 
  • All shipments come with electronic ‘Care Cards’ with detailed information about your new plant!

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