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Mini Fiddle Leaf Fig Houseplant
Ficus Little Sunshine Plant 6"
Leathery green ficus indoor plant
bright green leaves on small fiddle leaf fig

Ficus 'Little Sunshine' (Mini Fiddle Leaf Fig)

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Ficus ‘Little Sunshine’ is a more compact and manageable version of the traditional fiddle leaf fig. Featuring brighter colors and slightly smaller foliage, this indoor variety makes the perfect tabletop to floor plant transition. Although considered a “mini”-version of the parent plant, it can still grow quite large within smaller spaces.

Size: 6" (pot diameter)

Processing time: 3-5 business days (more details)

Scientific Name: Ficus Lyrata ‘Little Sunshine’

Common Names: Mini Fiddle Leaf Fig, Little Sunshine Plant, Dwarf FLF

Appearance: Named (‘lyrata’) for leaves that resemble a lyre. The thick foliage is deep to bright green with maroon-brown, woody stems. 

Origin: Parent plants descend from western Africa

Enjoys: Consistency (in terms of routine and location)

Care: Water regularly, allowing the top inch of the soil to dry before supplying more water. Prefers a brightly lit spot with no direct sun rays. 

Temp: 65-85° F

Growth: With optimal conditions, can grow indoors to 5+ feet

Level of Simplicity: Moderate

Toxicity: Considered slightly toxic upon ingestion (to cats, dogs, humans)

  • Being that each live plant is completely unique, the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance.
  • Shipped as shown, in nursery growing container. ‘Care Cards’ with detailed information will be sent electronically!