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Syngonium Strawberry Cream 6 Inch
Pink and green houseplant leaf closeup
Syngonium Soft Pink and Bright Green Plant
Closeup Syngonium Pink Leaf
Syngonium Strawberry Cream Indoor Plant
5" plant with pink arrowhead leaves in white textured pot
small syngonium indoor plant

Syngonium Strawberry Cream

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The perfect soft pink hue with pale green accents, Syngonium Strawberry Cream just looks delectable. This upward-growing houseplant makes the sweetest addition to any room and also makes for a lovely gift. This plant comes in a complimentary eco-pot made of natural materials & biodegradable. 

Scientific Name: Syngonium podophyllum

Size: 6" (pot diameter)

Common Names: Syngonium Strawberry Cream, Arrowhead plant, Nephthytis

Appearance: Arrowhead-shaped leaves with a dusty pink color and light green veins. 

Origin: Cultivar, with parents descending from the Americas (Mexico to Bolivia)

Care: Prefers a brightly lit spot with no direct sun rays. Allow the top layer of soil to dry before supplying more water.

Level of Simplicity: Easy to Moderate

Toxicity: Considered slightly toxic upon ingestion (to cats, dogs, humans)

  • Shipped as shown, in nursery growing container.
  • Being that each live plant is completely unique, the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance. 
  • All shipments come with ‘Care Cards’ with detailed information about your new plant!

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