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Calathea ‘Royal Standard’: Houseplant Guide

calathea royal standard indoor plant

Flashing iridescent leaves, the Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ is a beautiful houseplant that’s adored for its ornate character. This indoor plant is a cultivated hybrid hailing from the Calathea genus. Collectors to newbie greenthumb’s enjoy adding this plant to their space for a pop of magical essence. The Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ is extra special because under viable conditions, it can bloom pinkish flowers. 

Names: Calathea ‘Royal Standard’

Origin: A man-made hybrid. Belonging to the Calathea genus, we know that this plant's parents descend from Central and South America. 


The Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ is a stunning plant featuring shimmery, thin leaves with silverish-green coloring and a dark green thick border. The undersides of the leaves are a magenta to deep purple color. While they fare well as indoor plants, these Calathea can also be planted outdoors in certain temperate, warm areas. Specifically, they can thrive in USDA hardiness zone 10 and up. In addition, the ‘Royal Standard’ variety can bloom stunning white-pink flowers when provided favorable conditions. 

Most Calathea plants are used to low-medium sunlight since they grow on the rainforest floor. They receive dappled sunlight as the tree branches sway and allow rays to escape through to the bottom level-- and thus, these plants experience very little to zero direct sunlight. In the wild, they can get quite large and bushy. Indoors, the Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ can grow to about 3 feet by 3 feet. 

calathea royal standard in white pot

Indoor Care:  


Since Calathea plants are accustomed to rainforest climate, the ‘Royal Standard’ will prefer warmth and humidity. Keep it in lower to medium light, like a shady spot in the house that still experiences some lighting. All plants need some level of light in order to survive, so finding that perfect location can mean all the difference. It’s important to keep this Calathea out of contact with any direct sun rays as exposure will burn the leaves.


This indoor plant will prefer for the soil to remain damp throughout. As a general rule of thumb, when the surface of the soil starts to partially dry out, it’s time to water. Keep in mind that the Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ will also not tolerate soggy soil, so allow the water to drain out (of the bottom holes of the nursery pot) completely. Sitting in water can lead to root rot, which is most times irreversible by the time it’s noticed. 

As an extra tip, many Calathea lovers have found that these sometimes finicky plants don’t always bode well with city tap water. Instead they prefer rainwater or distilled water. So if you notice crispy, brown leaves and know that you’re watering schedule, pest prevention, etc. is in check, then try altering your water. Collecting rainwater can be a great way to supplement your plants with nature's own source. 


Again, these rainforest specimens love moisture. Your Calathea may need extra humidity, especially during the drier months of fall and winter. If you notice dry, brown leaf tips, try placing a pebble tray filled halfway with water under your plants pot (just don’t allow soil or roots to sit in water). Alternatively, you can lightly mist the leaves with water occasionally throughout the week. Try not to over do it with misting though, as too much can cause leaf issues like mold. 

calathea royal standard in gold pot


The Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ thrives in warmer conditions (but not hot)-- a good range is 65-85℉. Frost and cold temperatures (below 55℉) can damage and even kill the plant quickly.

Extra Care:

During the growing season of spring and summer, this Calathea will require fertilizer monthly. Any common houseplant fertilizer will work. We recommend diluting the fertilizer or cutting the suggested dosage in half. Too much can burn the leaves of many Calathea, so it’s best to tread lightly. 


Pests are generally not an issue when the Calathea ‘Royal Standard’ is in a happy and healthy state. In rare or stressed cases it can be susceptible to spider mites and mealybugs.

Toxicity:  Considered nontoxic when ingested by humans, cats, and dogs. 

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