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Our Policies & FAQ's

-- Shipping is currently paused until July/August -- 

What’s your shipping timeline?

In short, each order should be delivered within approximately a week. 

All orders will be shipped out the following Monday-Tuesday. We have carefully thought through our process, and since plants are delicate living things, we want your plant to experience the least amount of stress by arriving to you as quickly as possible. Shipping at the beginning of the week eliminates extra days in transit and holding over weekends at mail carrier sites. 

As such, processing takes 2-5 business days, and once in transit, takes an additional 1-4 business days to arrive at your doorstep. We also try to account for extreme weather, which may create delays (see below for more details).

How are you environmentally sound?

We ship using 100% eco-friendly materials. We hope you can join us in this effort by upcycling or recycling your package contents. While plants come in the nursery grower’s plastic pot, this pot can be reused over and over (just make sure to sterilize the container before repotting another plant). 

In addition, we try to go the extra mile by offsetting those shipping miles. Aka— we are carbon neutral! To us, plants represent so muchnature, breath, lifeand we have a social and environmental responsibility as a business to ensure our planet is protected. So, achieving carbon neutrality means we pay a self-imposed carbon tax, but the amount goes to accredited non-profit environmental initiatives.

We’re all in this together, doing our part where we can. We’ve tried to make it simple for you to shop green, so that your choice means an eco-conscious choice for the world. 

What if my plant arrives damaged?

We’re so sorry for any inconvenience! We expect all orders to arrive in great shape, but due to the live nature of plants and unpredictable weather conditions, sometimes things happen. We ask that you contact us within 24 hours of receiving your plant. Be prepared to send photos to document the damage, that way we can better assess how to proceed with correcting the situation. 

While we do try to stay as true to the listing images as possible, please note that due to the live, natural aspect of plants, each one is completely unique- so the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance. 

While issues are rare, if you do encounter any, we assure you that we will work with you to make it right. Please note that there's not much we can do (besides offer care support) if you contact with issues/photos after 2 weeks of receipt. 

What if I’ve changed my mind after ordering?

All sales are final. With that said, if we haven’t started processing your order, reach out as soon as possible to us at We will always try to work with you where possible. 

Where do the plants come from?

All plants are shipped from Florida and are sourced locally from the finest south Florida nurseries. We carefully handpick each plant to ensure you are getting the best, in the utmost shape. Our headquarter's located on Birch Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 but at this time we don't have a physical address for visits.

Return/Exchange Policy:

Due to the live aspect of plants, no returns or exchanges can be made. We try to accommodate all customers, so please get in touch ( should there be any issue. 

Weather stipulations:

Naturally since they're living, some plants are sensitive to temperature extremes. We monitor weather conditions throughout the year, and may delay shipping to certain areas in cases of extreme heat or cold.

We strongly encourage you to buy a supplementary heat pack (add-on at checkout) if your area is experiencing average temperatures below 50° F. Without a heat pack in cold weather, your plant and any damages will not be covered for replacements/refunds.

In addition, heat packs will not ensure that your plant is protected from outdoor weather for extended periods. So remember, when your plant arrives, be sure to bring it indoors (to a climate controlled location) immediately. On the opposite weather spectrum, your plant should not be exposed to outdoor temperatures above 90° F.


Due to agricultural shipping restrictions, we only ship within the contiguous U.S. 


We’re always looking for ways to learn and improve on all fronts. We’re a team of mindful people with a desire to provide healthy plants to you in an environmentally sound manner. We're small, new, and all ears!

If there’s a specific plant you want, let us know. If there’s extra plant info you need, let us know. If there’s another way we can contribute to the greater good, let us know. Really anything... how can we do and be better?

Contact us:

The best way to reach us is by email: (someone will respond within 24 hours, but likely quicker). We can't guarantee to be available by phone (1 woman show here), but feel free to try us at 912-313-9911. Leave a message and we'll get back as quickly as possible.