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Mission: About Us, Core Values, and Eco-Visions

Outside In Plants & Pots

About Outside In

Our priority is delivering you the healthiest houseplant in the most eco-friendly way possible. The greenest greenery. Our core values revolve around sustainability, mindfulness, and quality. So how do we do that?

With the vast majority of North American houseplants originating from nurseries in Florida, they have to travel long distances to get into your home. One potted plant can have a pretty large carbon footprint by the time it gets to you, likely switching hands through third party brokers multiple times in the process. So we’ve

analyzed logistics, crunched numbers, and researched best methods for cutting down emissions. The answer is indoor plants straight from the source—Florida growers— delivered directly to you. 

AND we will be operating net carbon neutral

This means that Outside In will personally offset (monetarily) the carbon emissions produced from your shipment, kind of like a self-imposed carbon tax... but with a portion of each sale being donated to accredited environmental organizations. And when possible we will choose plant conservation and reforestation initiatives as those are the best means to combat our biggest drivers of plant extinction.

We take our eco-measures seriously, and achieving 100% environmental correctness is our mission. In an effort to protect the planet and make it a seamless experience for you, we never use single-use plastic and we ship using recyclable materials. On our end we aim to be completely plastic-free (the exception being the nursery grower’s plastic pots that the pre-potted plants come in— which by the way are completely reusable, just clean before potting up another plant).

About Our Founder. 

outside in founder

Started in 2020, Outside In is lead by Brooke, a fourth generation plant professional. With roots in Georgia, she grew up with a plant nursery literally as her backyard. Growing up around the industry provided valuable insight, but Brooke brings unconventional experience from the realms of research, mindfulness, psychology, and writing. Doubling as yoga and meditation instructor, she infuses aspects of mindfulness throughout every corner of business.

Now that you know a bit more about us, we’d love to get to know you! Please reach out to introduce yourself or join the community on social. 

We’re so happy you've found us and hope you enjoy following the journey!