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Feel-Good Playlist to Amp Up Your Indoor Plant Care Routine

music player next to indoor cactus

Let’s be real, there’s a good chance you already listen to music while tending to your indoor plants but did you know there are certain tunes your plants may respond to? Supporting our plants while they support us is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a plant parent it’s self-care! While there’s no doubt that music amplifies that experience, it could also be beneficial for the plants (the debate is still out!). So we’ve curated a plant inspired playlist with feel good songs that are sure to have you and your houseplants enlivened in no time.

The History + Science Of Music for Plants

People have been talking to, singing to, and playing music for plants for centuries. Even in the 1800s scientists were already starting to research the ability of senses within plants. By the 1970s, the theory of music progressing plant health and success started to take root. 

In humans, music has shown to have a positive impact on health. Since music stimulates certain areas of the brain, we respond to music both mentally and emotionally. Classical music, for example, is touted for its brain building benefits, even in babies (i.e., Baby Einstein). Science has also demonstrated that music can help increase memory, lower stress, boost feel-good hormones, and decrease depressive symptoms. In fact, there’s a whole field dedicated to music therapy because of its healing influence.

record player and snake plant

Non-human forms of life, like plants, may also benefit from music. While it’s difficult to accurately measure the extent to which plants can perceive music, we do know that living things are sensitive to sound. All living things are not created equal, but we can at least surmise that plants respond to environmental stimuli including vibrations, which is essentially the basis of music. 

Various studies on sound’s influence on plants have shown that plants potentially respond best to women’s voices and verbal positive reinforcement. In addition, there has been evidence that plants experience increased growth when exposed to music with a frequency around 100-250 hertz. In addition to encouraging growth, music has the potential to decrease stress in plant life. So with these factors in mind, we’ve crafted a Spotify playlist perfect for your plant care routine. It's self-care all around for you and the plants! 

Plant Care Playlist


Next time you’re watering houseplants, cleaning leaves, repotting, or propagating, this playlist is the perfect go-to for supportPerhaps the plant will even experience a growth spurt too! At the very least, listening to music while you delve into your plant care routine just adds to the ethereal vibe of the nurturing moment.

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