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How Houseplants Positively Impact the Mind & Body

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There’s a natural affinity that humans have with nature. You’ve probably experienced how being in or around nature makes you feel; it’s divine. Just by physical presence, plants can help us feel a range of emotions from connection, joy, calm. This innate response to greenery is called the biophilia hypothesis which suggests that humans tend to be drawn to nature & forms of life. To an extent, that feeling can be replicated with indoor plants as well. And merely being in the vicinity of houseplants can have a myriad of physiological benefitsoverall, leading to positive effects and wellbeing. Below, we’ll outline exactly how houseplants can benefit the mind and body. 

Physiological & Psychological Benefits of Being Around Indoor Plants:

Lowers Heart Rate

Studies have shown that being around plants can have a soothing effect, reducing heart rate. Specifically, interacting with plants through routines like plant care can help individuals relax and can ever lower blood pressure. In an office setting, research has demonstrated that seeing plants around can be calming on the mind and body. 

lounging with houseplants

Reduces Stress

In addition to lowering heart rate, the calming presence of indoor plants can also reduce stress and anxiety. Mimicking nature, indoor environments can trigger a natural response within us which regulates the stress and relaxation response. One study concluded that having indoor plants around (as opposed to none) suppresses the sympathetic nervous system, promoting a relaxing state. You can shop mood boosting, beginner friendly plants here.

Enhances Mood 

When it comes to mood, just the act of tending to plants can boost your mood, and help combat anxiety and depression. Active hobbies and attachments have proven to release feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins. Specifically, caring for our beloved plants makes us foster connection, focus, and mindfulnessall of which lead to better wellbeing. 

Improves Recovery

Multiple studies have shown that having plants around in hospital rooms significantly reduces recovery time. In addition, self-reported measurements of physical and mental pain document that patients felt less pain when a few plants were present. These astonishing results just scratch the surface of how supportive and therapeutic plants can be. 

indoor plants at work

Increases Productivity & Creativity 

Perhaps mirroring the benefits of “nature breaks”, which are intermittent breaks to go outdoors and immerse yourself in nature, having plants inside can provide that break during the day to check out of work or tasks for a moment and check into something else mindfully. Seeing the color green also has deep rooted effects on us as humans. Specifically, being around nature or bringing the outside in can increase productivity and creativity levels. 

Purifies Air

The indoor environment can have a large impact on our functioning and emotions. Making sure that the air we breathe is clean is important for our mental and physical health. Plants have demonstrated the ability to purify the breathable air in smaller enclosed spaces. Specifically, certain indoor plants are believed to filter harmful chemicals that may be present in the air. Many people feel like they can breathe easier in homes and offices with plenty of lush greenery. As a bonus, groups of houseplants can increase indoor humidity which can help respiration and respiratory issues. 

Research is still fairly nascent in terms of potential benefits that houseplants can have on humans. It’s no question though that being around plants brings so much happiness with restorative, satisfying, and positive qualities. Nature is healing, so let us help you bring a bit of the outdoors init’s good for you after all!

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