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How to Create a DIY Moss Wall

DIY moss wall

An out-of-the-box and fun do-it-yourself project, this guide will show you exactly how to make the moss wall (in this case frame) of your dreams! It’s pretty straightforward, but you will need a frame, backing (usually comes with the frame), moss, adhesive (hot glue works), and hardware (optional if you wish to hang it). Alternately, you can buy a DIY moss wall kit which includes everything but the glue.

If you’re furnishing your own supplies, you’re going to want to choose a preserved moss. This way there’s absolutely no upkeep and no worry about water damaging the frame (as live moss requires moisture). You can buy moss online, or typically at your nearest hardware store. Simply choose your color, being mindful to match to your liking with the frame color.

diy moss wall workspace

1. Setup Your Workspace

Once you are all set with your supplies, you’re ready to set up a workspacethink about a countertop, the floor, a desk, or even outside (be careful of the wind!). If you are inside, it’s a good idea to place something under your DIY station like paper bags. This will help ease clean up after you’re done when there are bits of moss and glue left behind.

2. Getting Prepped

Next, start getting your glue ready. We suggest hot glue since it’s clear, readily available, and adheres nicely to the moss and frame backing. This is also the point where you’ll decide if you want to wear gloves. It isn’t necessary, but otherwise you may get green (or another moss color) on your fingertips.

diy moss wall design

3. Start Designing

Next, begin designing your lovely creation with a dry run. By laying out your moss on the frame (sans adhesive), you’ll be able to visualize and even work pieces of moss together like a puzzle. 

4. Create!

Once you have a good idea in mind, you can start creating your masterpiece. You can even keep the moss pieces from the design phase on the frame and work to glue one at a time. 

Pro tip: Try not to press too hard when affixing the moss as you’ll find that it will flatten onto the board. So if you wish to keep some parts fluffy, just press gently when gluing (it’ll stick, we promise!).

diy moss frame     diy moss walls

5. Wall Ready

After you’ve wrapped up the creation process, simply hang your new moss art on the wall or just place it on a shelf! Voila! 

Taking your moss wall a step further, you can create an entire wall of moss frames. Or place frames near one another like paneling. You’ll have a custom green wall, created all by you!

Buy a DIY Moss Wall Kit here.

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