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Mindful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas (During Isolating Times)

mindful mothers day gifts

As Mother’s Day inches closer, uncertainty over the current state still looms. And whether or not you’ll be able to physically be with your mother, you can still send some love and appreciation from afar. Sending something comforting that brings a bit of joy will be the perfect gift this year.

We’ve rounded up a few of the most mindful and reasonably priced gifts for mom that she’s sure to enjoy (during isolation and out). Some of these carefully picked items are ‘green-choices’ which help support the environment in addition to bringing a smile to mom’s face. Because doing good feels good-- for you, mom, and Mother Earth!

Taking Care: Health & Wellness

1. Yoga or Meditation Subscription

at home yoga

Yoga has been shown to increase levels of feel-good neurotransmitters-- the practice simply makes us happy. And similarly, meditation teaches us compassion and mindfulness while creating contentment within. An online service or app would make a wonderful gift for the mindful mother in your life. So help her up that quarantine workout routine! As recommended by a yoga/meditation instructor, best picks include: Yoga Glo and Insight Timer.

2. CBD Gumdrops

More out-of-the-box, these CBD gummies from Lord Jones are a cult favorite for a reason! They’re luxuriously crafted and packaged and the product itself is touted for its calming and focusing properties. If mom hasn’t tried CBD yet, this is a fun, untraditional option that’ll help her relax deeper physically and mentally.

3. Live Houseplants

live houseplants at home

Plants not only add a pop of uplifting green to mom’s space, but they also provide life and energy to the indoor environment. And unlike flowers, plants will live on. While they do require some degree of care over time, having plants to tend to is actually beneficial emotionally and mentally. 

Choosing a soft palette, we’ve picked a couple of gorgeous, tropical houseplants from our collection here at Outside In that we think mom would love. Bonus: you can add a complimentary hand-written card to mom! AND the plant is shipped using all eco-friendly packaging for the conscious, green-loving mother!

Pampering Self-Care

4. Bath Indulgences

bath time setup

If indulging in a nice, long soak is right up mom’s alley, then these releasing bath salts by Sacred Ritual are a perfect choice. Plant-based and 100% natural, the detoxifying and cleansing soak is made with healing black lava salts. 

A kit that provides a little bit of everything, we also love this Whispering Willow Lavender Set to help mom ease into tranquility. This luxurious gift includes a calming lavender-scented hand salve, eye pillow, linen spray, body oil, and bath salts.

5. Eco-Friendly Candle

Mindful mamas like to keep their carbon footprint low. And Follain’s delicate candle allows just that-- it’s also luxuriously relaxing and beautifully designed. Made with sustainable and non-toxic ingredients of coconut and soy wax, the candle features notes of white tea, fig, basil, and lavender. 

6. Drinkable Wellness

tea and honey

Sustainably grown and sourced, Leaves and Flowers creates a beautiful turmeric tea. With immune-boosting properties, mom is sure to enjoy sipping this comforting tea. Add a spoonful of this adaptogenic honey made by Naturopathica to help energize and focus. Adaptogens are known for their stress-reducing characteristics as they especially help us adapt with resilience.

Stimulating Activity 

7. Decade Puzzle

Going back in time or visiting someplace through a puzzle can be just the nostalgically comforting activity right now. Choosing a decade or city that mom, grandma, wife (or any other mother in your life) relates most to can add some joy while being stimulating. Like this seventies puzzle! We also love Galison’s artist imagery, and specifically, this puzzle depicting New York City in springtime (yes, cherry blossoms and all!).

8. DIY Moss Wall Kit

DIY moss wall kit

Another exciting activity is this do-it-yourself moss kit from Outside In. Creating a moss ‘wall’ (aka frame here) provides a great creative outlet while being a pleasantly productive task. Mom will be left with a long-lasting, 100% unique display of greenery that can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf. It’s also zero maintenance!

Supporting Local

9. Something From Favorite Nearby Shop

shop local

With many local businesses offering curbside pick, local delivery, or gift cards, you can still find something special for mom. Whether it’s the local florist, bookstore, apothecary, or even just a latte from a coffee shop, she’ll appreciate whatever it is! Inviting in normalcy with items she's used to can be thoughtful and helpful right now.

10. Gift Card from Local Place

Gift cards from local businesses make another fabulous choice so that mom can shop whatever she wants (either now if it’s available online or at a later date when brick and mortar stores open). Or if it’s a restaurant gift card, you can plan on a make-up Mother’s Day brunch for the future. Shopping small is such a great way to support local, especially during these uncertain and hard times, and it gives mom something nice to look forward to when this all dissipates.

And last, if your mom has everything she needs, then donating on her behalf is always a good option. There are many great organizations but Global Empowerment Mission is a nonprofit that provides an efficient, relevant way to help the crisis happening right now.

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