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monstera adansonii houseplant 5 inch
360 images of of houseplant with foliage holes
swiss cheese plant in light pink pot
swiss cheese plant 5 inch
bright green leaves with natural holes in pink pot

Monstera adansonii | Swiss Cheese Plant (4 Inch)

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From the beloved Aroid family and Monstera genus, the Monstera adansonii is a peculiar plant displaying vibrant green foliage with holes throughout. This indoor plant is also referred to as the Swiss cheese plant because it resembles the holey slices. It’s believed that the plant adapted in the wild as a way to protect itself from weather conditions. Specifically, the holes formed in the leaves naturally as a means to allow coastal winds to pass through without damaging foliage. An easy-care plant, the monstera adansonii has few needsit really just wants to be kept warm and to be watered regularly.

Scientific Name: Monstera adansonii 

Common Names: Swiss cheese plant, five holes plant

Appearance: Oval-shaped leaves with holes generously dispersed

Origin: South and Central America (also found on Caribbean Islands)

Enjoys: Humidity and climbing. As a vining plant, this Monstera likes to trail or climb upwards. In the wild, it commonly latches onto trees (in rainforests and low lying areas) to crawl up.

Care: Allowing the top half-inch to inch of soil to dry out before watering again. For light, indirect sun is preferred (so somewhere with dappled or filtered light). 

Temp: 60-85° F

Level of Simplicity: Easy, fine for beginners

Toxicity: Considered toxic upon ingestion (to cats, dogs, humans)

  • Being that each live plant is completely unique, the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance. 
  • Shipped as shown, in nursery growing container. ‘Care Cards’ with detailed information will be sent electronically!