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6 Inch Monstera Deliciosa
Monstera Deliciosa Houseplant
360 view of monstera indoor plant
Green houseplant with split leaves
Monstera Deliciosa Closeup Leaves
Medium Monstera Deliciosa Houseplant
Monstera Deliciosa Medium Plant
Monstera Houseplant in terrazzo planter
split leaves monstera

Monstera Deliciosa (6 Inch)

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A hands-down favorite, the Monstera deliciosa is the perfect houseplant for bringing a touch of the tropics indoors. Featuring unique foliage, like holes and split leaves, this plant is an eye-catcher that conveniently is also low-maintenance. This trendy indoor plant is also referred to as the Swiss-cheese plant.

All of our Monstera deliciosa plants come with at least one fenestrated leaf featuring slits or holes. 

Size: 6" (pot diameter)

Processing time: 3-5 business days (more details)

Scientific Name: Monstera deliciosa

Common Names: Monstera, Swiss cheese plant, Mexican breadfruit, Philodendron split-leaf (although not actually of Philodendron descent)

Appearance: Displays shiny, waxy, wide leaves that appear either whole, split, or cut. Some foliage is also heart-shaped. This vibrantly green plant has aerial roots that reach upwards to help the plant climb in its natural habitat. As such, it will enjoy an indoor location with plenty of room to grow out and up.

Origin: Tropical America

Enjoys: Since it’s native to tropical forests, the Monstera does prefer warmth, high humidity, and indirect light. But as long as the temperature is above 65°F, it can mostly tolerate low to high light and low to high air moisture.

Care: For watering, allow the soil to partially dry out before watering again. The best lighting conditions will be near a window that receives filtered light (no direct sun rays). Fertilize during the spring and summer months.

Temp: 65-85° F

Growth: Indoors, can grow to around 8’ tall and 5’ wide

Level of Simplicity: Easy, great for beginners

Toxicity: Considered toxic upon ingestion (to cats, dogs, humans)

  • Being that each live plant is completely unique, the plant you receive may vary slightly in size, shape, appearance. 
  • Shipped as shown, in nursery growing container. ‘Care Cards’ with detailed information will be sent electronically!