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Philodendron 'Prince of Orange' 6" Houseplant
vibrant orange, green, and yellow indoor plant
Colorful Orange Indoor Plant

Philodendron 'Prince of Orange'

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Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ displays beautifully colorful foliage that is perfect for sprucing up any space. The leaves of this bold and low-maintenance plant begin as deep maroon or burnt orange and slowly morph through stages of brilliant greens and yellows. 

Size: 4" or 6" (pot diameter)

Common Name: Orange Prince, Philodendron 'Prince of Orange'

Appearance: Oblong leaves grow out of the center of the plant and change color as they age. The lustrous foliage creates a pop of color perfect for spaces like offices, bedrooms, and living rooms. 

Origin: Hybrid cultivar, but descendant of South America

Enjoys: Humidity, and a partially shady spot with filtered light (avoid direct sun)

Care: Quite tolerant and forgiving when it comes to levels of light and water. But thrives with moderate light and moderate water. Just allow the top layer (~1 inch) of soil to dry out between waterings. Rotate your philodendron periodically as it likes to grow towards the light. Fertilize about once a month during growing season (spring and summer). 

Soil: Well-draining potting mix 

Temp: No lower than 60 °F, no higher than 80 °F

Growth: Indoors, can grow to 2’ tall and 2’ wide

Level of Simplicity: Easy, great for beginners

Toxicity: Harmful upon ingestion (to cats, dogs, humans)

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