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5" white planter with classic cylinder shape
sleek white plant pot with drainage
white planter with drain plug

5” White Cylinder Planter

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Classic yet modern and simple yet sleek, this high-quality ceramic planter checks all of a plant parent’s boxes. The matte white pot not only matches any interior style, but it also features a drainage hole equipped with a rubber plug. With a cylinder shape, your plant will fit seamlessly right into the planter. 

Simply drop the plant (still in the nursery container) right into the pot or repot directly into the pot. Whatever method you choose, rest assured that you can drain your plant adequately and efficiently after watering by opening the drainage plug. 

Fits your 4” & 5" plants

Material: Porcelain Ceramic 

Pot Size: 5” x 5” 

Drainage: Yes

This listing is solely for the pot. Plant purchased separately.