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White Pot with Pinstripe Plant
7" Matte White Planter
Calathea ornata
White Planter with Drainage Plug
Modern White Pot with Houseplant
White Pot with Snake Plant

7” Matte White Cylinder Planter

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A best seller for a reason, this planter is matte white, features a cylinder shape, and includes a rubber stopper for drainage. This planter is both decorative and functional it’s high quality and supports the health of plants. It also makes a contributory statement, without taking too much attention away from your plant.

Whether your interior decor leans more boho chic, mid-century modern, or traditional, this planter fits just about every style and adapts when your style changes :)

Drainage? Yes! This pot has the option of drainage, with a drain hole and removable rubber plug. You can decide if you want to repot your plant directly into the planter or just slip the plant (still in the nursery container) right into the planter. 

Fits your 6” plants

Material: Porcelain Ceramic 

Size: 7” x 7” 

This listing is solely for the pot. Plant purchased separately.