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Peach Cylinder Planter
Peach Pot and Monstera deliciosa
Peach pot with drainage
Peach Pot with Ficus Lyrata
Ficus Little Sunshine in Peach pot
7" Peach Planter
Peach Cylinder Pot

7” Peachy Cylinder Planter

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Peach never looked sweeter than this master-crafted planter. Made of premium ceramic with a hand-glazed matte finish, this pot flawlessly compliments your prettiest plants. With that lively hue, it’s also perfect for adding a touch of elevated lushness to any space.

Drainage? Yes! This pot has the option of drainage, with a drain hole and removable rubber plug. You can decide if you want to repot your plant directly into the planter or just slip the plant (still in the nursery container) right into the planter. 

Fits your 6” plants

Material: Porcelain Ceramic 

Size: 7” x 7” 

This listing is solely for the pot. Plant purchased separately.