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A fairly uncommon find, the Hoya Gracilis is a vining houseplant featuring randomly dispersed speckles of silvery-grey. Low maintenance and pet-safe, this Hoya loves to climb and can be trained to wrap around a wire hoop (or place in a hanging basket and let it do its thing). When conditions are right, this indoor plant can flower magnificent cluster blooms. 

Size: 6” (pot diameter)

Names: Hoya Gracilis, Wax Plant, Hoya Memoria (some experts consider memoria a synonym, while others consider it a different species) 

Appearance: Waxy, thick(ish), green leaves that are lance-shaped with silver-green speckling. The plant vines, creating upward/climbing or downward/trailing growth.

Origin: Indonesia | Philippines 

Care: Enjoys a brightly lit spot with no direct sun exposure. Allow the top half of soil to dry out before watering again.

Enjoys: Extra humidity 

Level of Simplicity: Easy (but make sure to have well-draining soil and do not overwater!)

Toxicity: Considered safe & non-toxic (to cats, dogs, humans)

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